‘Nobody Here’ tells the story of Vaporwave and its evolution into the internet’s most aesthetic and celebrated micro-genre.

This is the definitive documentary about Vaporwave, whose story is told by some of the most influential voices in the scene’s history. The artists, the writers, the labels and (most importantly) the fans.

The Nobody Here Core Team includes Christian Britten (Director), Jerome Sabourin (Producer), Vincent Bailey (Producer).

nobody here the team

Christian Britten [Director/Producer/Editor] – Jay Sabourin [Producer/Composer] – Vincent Bailey [Producer/Writer/Script Editor]

However, the team also includes a number of significant others, and we’d like to give special thanks to Skeleton Lipstick (Executive Producer) and Andrew Walker – who designed the amazing cover art for the companion album, and film poster. We also have a talented team of writers whose expertise and influence will come to play key roles as the project progresses; so special thanks must also go to Eric HughesIndy Advant, John Zobele, Pad Chennington – and many more, without whom the film will not be possible.

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